Monday, February 21, 2011

Fairest of them All

Yes, I know~ It sounds like Snow White~
but I assure you, it isn't that type of fairy tale~

Sir Austyn of Gavenmore abides beneath the shadow of an ancient Welsh curse. Given to fits of violent jealousy, the Gavenmore men are doomed to heartbreak by their inability to trust the women they love. He fights his destiny until he comes face to face with Lady Holly of Tewksbury, the fairest damsel in all of England. Weary of being revered only for her beauty, the mischievous Holly devises an elaborate ruse that unwittingly makes her a Gavenmore bride. Thus begins a dangerous masquerade in which Holly and Austyn must learn that even the most irrevocable of curses can be broken by the blessing of true love.
( Taken from author's website)

Author: Teresa Medeiros
Title: Fairest of Them All

Price: RM15

The Topaz Man Presents a Dream Come True

This book contains the creations of several authors~

A collection of favorite love stories features the tale of a woman who travels back in time to the New Orleans of 1844 to meet her dream lover, and four other powerful and passionate stories.
(From Amazon)

Jennifer Blake
Georgina Gentry
Shirl Henke
Anita Mills
Becky Lee Weyrich
Title: The Topaz Man Presents A Dream Come True

Price: RM15

In The Midnight Hour

Haunted Romance stories are really an interesting genre isn't it? :)

A famed lover throughout New Orleans. Valentine Tremaine was murdered in his bed in 1848 by a woman's protective father, outraged at Valentine's amorous adventures. For more than a hundred years Valentine wondered about the legacy he might have left behind- and he won't cross over until he learns the truth. But Veronica's mortal innocence and sweetness- as well as her beauty- stirs his blood like no other woman ever has. And as they delve into history to find the answer to his past, Valentine finds himself wishing for the impossible- a future with Veronica...

Author: Kimberly Randell
Title: In the Midnight Hour
Price: RM10

A Guardian for Angel

Well, time for my mom's collection of romance books to come out~~

With her wild curls and overabundance of freckles, lady Angelique Arundel had been told she'd never be a beauty. So she became a daredevil on horseback instead. Bewigged and bedecked in trousers, she raced to win the funds she needed to reclaim her ancestral estate. Alas, she lost, and now Lord Darcy, the guardian she'd never met- and quite the handsomest man she'd ever seen- had suddenly appeared on her doorstep to "take charge of her"!

Believing his ward to be a mere child, Darcy was shocked to see a woman of incomparable beauty standing before him. Bound and determined to turn the unseasoned Angelique into a proper, married-minded miss, he couldn't know that she had other plans: to turn London ton upside down, risk her fortune on one more gamble, and wager that she could win an irresistible lord's heart.

Author: Rebecca Robbins
Title: A Guardian for Angel
Price: RM7

Tears to Tiara

This time it's a DVD~

It is now the Iron Age, where the land is ruled by humans. Lord Drwc, acribishop of the Holy Empire, wants to resurrect the Demon King who will apparently destroy the world. He meets Riannon, the witch of Erin. and decides to offer her as a sacrifice to the Demon King. The ritual fails and Riannon survives. However, the seal imprisoning the Demon King, Arawn is broken and he was resurrected. Armed with amazing powers, Arawn joins Riannon, her brother and battalion commander, Arthur in the epic battle against the Divine Empire. During which, they formed a powerful team of fighters comprising a swordsman, an archer and a quintet of magical pixies.

Price: RM50

Wonderful Days

Went sorting out the CDs and DVDs.
I stumbled on this korean original VCD with subtitles of course~

Earth has deteriorated into a murky hell due to an environmental disaster by the year 2142. an elite race of humans has built a floating fortified city called Ecoban that converts the surrounding pollution into energy. Meanwhile, hordes of downtrodden survivors subsist outside the city in sprawling hovels under perpetually dark and cloudy skies. Threatened by falling pollution, the Ecoban leadership hatches the dastardly plan of wrecking the world beyond the city to secure energy. The story expounds on the love triangle of three characters-Ecoban security officer Jay, resistance fighter Shua and Ecoban security chief Simon - as they struggle to find happiness on their stormy planet.

Price: RM15

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Another creation of zint

Synopsis/Summary: Gempak Starz
Author/Art: Zint
Title: Hacker

Price: RM4


Synopsis/Summary: Gempak Starz
Author/Art: Zint
Title: Hero

Price: RM4

Fatal Chaos

Here, I have two comics of the same series but I only have the last two. You can buy one or take the bargain and buy both :)

Synopsis/Summary: Gempak Starz
Author/Art: Ben
Title: Fatal Chaos: 4th Attack

Price: RM3

Synopsis/Summary: Gempak Starz
Author/Art: Ben
Title: Fatal Chaos: Final Fight

Price: RM3

Price: RM5 (both)

Bini Aku Tomboy Ke?

It has a peculiar title doesn't it? :)

It is the story of a girl that acts and dresses as a boy and her adventure in life of ups and downs with two guys in marriage.
Author: Arisa Eriza
Title: Bini Aku Tomboy Ke?

Price: RM12


I find myself attracted to a lot of different books but not for keep.
This one is a Malay Novel~

It contains three romance stories of different backgrounds by three different authors.
Author(s): Syud, Hovate, Noor Suraya
Title: Pelangi


Pelayan Rahsia

Yes, another butler cafe comic. Sorry bout the picture. I forgot to take the back view and I was too lazy to take it~

Synopsis/Summary: Gempak Starz
Author/Art: Washio Mie
Title: Pelayan Rahsia

Price: RM3
Sold to Asya!

Benarkan Aku Jadi Pelayanmu

I wish they'd open a butler cafe in Malaysia :3

Synopsis/Summary: Gempak Starz
Author/Art: Toma Rei
Title: Benarkan Aku Jadi Pelayanmu

Price: RM3
Sold to Asya!

Silent Revolution

Definitely not a favorite~ Well, it wasn't mine in the first place :)
One of the comics that are actually in English :)

Synopsis/Summary: Gempak Starz
Author/Art: Puppeteer
Title: Silent Revolution

Price: RM5

Si Penjual Aiskrim

Another comic for sale~
The funny thing is that I'm selling two of the same comic. It's all because neither me or my brother knew we bought the same thing~

Synopsis/Summary: Gempak Starz
Author/Art: Zint
Title: Si Penjual Aiskrim

Price: RM3 each

Next Station

I've also decided to sell some of my comics. They're mostly in malay though.

Synopsis/summary: Gempak starz
Author/Art: Xanseviera
Title: Next Station

Price: RM3

I Love Bad Boys

Alright! Time to sell some books~By the way I apologize for the price tag thats still there.
At least its jacketed.

It consists of three romance stories from three different authors focusing on falling in love with a bad boy instead of the normal plot of ending up with the good boys :P
Its a great read but not encouraged for those below 16yo :3

Title: I Love Bad Boys
Author(s): Lori Foster, Janelle Denison, Donna Kauffman


I know it's weird to why I have gloves.
I actually used them for school drama and now I have no use for it.
So again, time to let someone else love it :)

Colour: Black
Price: RM10

*Advice: Don't buy it if your hand's width is >9cm, unless you're very flexible.

Flowery Hair Clips

Well now, these items are not easily found in Malaysia. Though the Arabs should know bout this. They are hair clips that makes your head bigger. No, I'm joking. Its really is nice and elaborate. Wish i could find a model to wear to show it to you guys~

And yes, it is a crocodile clip~ chomp, chomp~

Colours: Pink and Red/Violet
Price: RM5 each

Miu Miu Replica Bag

This bag is in great condition and I've only used it twice. The reason I'm selling it is because I'm not a handbag person. I prefer backpacks and slings. I bought it cause it looks nice :)

Though it looks great, there are some flaws. There seemed to be some blue stripes such as the picture below but it's not that obvious~ I'm sincere when selling ok?

Price: RM20

Hand Accessories + a necklace

I love hand accessories but there are just some that isn't really used.
And the necklace just never had the chance to shine so maybe you could do make it shine :)

Black bracelet - RM3
Steel bracelets - RM5 (both)
Beach bracelets - RM5 (both)
Funky watch - RM5
Necklace - RM4
All - RM20