Monday, February 21, 2011

A Guardian for Angel

Well, time for my mom's collection of romance books to come out~~

With her wild curls and overabundance of freckles, lady Angelique Arundel had been told she'd never be a beauty. So she became a daredevil on horseback instead. Bewigged and bedecked in trousers, she raced to win the funds she needed to reclaim her ancestral estate. Alas, she lost, and now Lord Darcy, the guardian she'd never met- and quite the handsomest man she'd ever seen- had suddenly appeared on her doorstep to "take charge of her"!

Believing his ward to be a mere child, Darcy was shocked to see a woman of incomparable beauty standing before him. Bound and determined to turn the unseasoned Angelique into a proper, married-minded miss, he couldn't know that she had other plans: to turn London ton upside down, risk her fortune on one more gamble, and wager that she could win an irresistible lord's heart.

Author: Rebecca Robbins
Title: A Guardian for Angel
Price: RM7

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