Monday, February 21, 2011

Fairest of them All

Yes, I know~ It sounds like Snow White~
but I assure you, it isn't that type of fairy tale~

Sir Austyn of Gavenmore abides beneath the shadow of an ancient Welsh curse. Given to fits of violent jealousy, the Gavenmore men are doomed to heartbreak by their inability to trust the women they love. He fights his destiny until he comes face to face with Lady Holly of Tewksbury, the fairest damsel in all of England. Weary of being revered only for her beauty, the mischievous Holly devises an elaborate ruse that unwittingly makes her a Gavenmore bride. Thus begins a dangerous masquerade in which Holly and Austyn must learn that even the most irrevocable of curses can be broken by the blessing of true love.
( Taken from author's website)

Author: Teresa Medeiros
Title: Fairest of Them All

Price: RM15

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