Monday, February 21, 2011

Wonderful Days

Went sorting out the CDs and DVDs.
I stumbled on this korean original VCD with subtitles of course~

Earth has deteriorated into a murky hell due to an environmental disaster by the year 2142. an elite race of humans has built a floating fortified city called Ecoban that converts the surrounding pollution into energy. Meanwhile, hordes of downtrodden survivors subsist outside the city in sprawling hovels under perpetually dark and cloudy skies. Threatened by falling pollution, the Ecoban leadership hatches the dastardly plan of wrecking the world beyond the city to secure energy. The story expounds on the love triangle of three characters-Ecoban security officer Jay, resistance fighter Shua and Ecoban security chief Simon - as they struggle to find happiness on their stormy planet.

Price: RM15

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